• Renault Duster

  • Petite for the city. Big on adventure.

  • Renault Captur from only $29,990
  • All-new Renault Trafic

  • From only $41,990
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Renault Duster

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Petite for the city. Big on adventure.

Renault Captur from only $29,990 Order Now

All-new Renault Trafic

From only $41,990 Order online today

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Renault Duster SUV

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Renault Van range

Renault Trafic

All-New Renault TRAFIC showcases style and stands out at first glance. The front end panel, front grille with chrome and brand lights (C-Shape) with Full LED lighting combine dynamism and sturdiness.

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Renault Master

The ability to make the right decisions, the ones that give the best outcomes for the least risk, is what separates successful business owners from the rest. That's what makes the Renault Master range a natural choice.

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Renault Kangoo

The Renault Kangoo is a small van with a significant work 'éthique'. Its compact dimensions, low roof height and extensive visibility, make it easy to park, maneuver and load. 

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Renault SUV's

Renault Captur

The Renault CAPTUR is ready to take you on the urban excursions of your dreams. Your crossover boasts an assertive character, with a finely-honed design and energetic personality.

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Renault Duster

Built for adventure, All-new Renault Duster which lands in NZ in mid-August is a vehicle of distinctive styling. The tone is set by the aggressive lines and chrome trim of the grille, alongside a raised waistline and powerful C-shaped light signature. 

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Renault Koleos

The  Koleos is an evolution in automotive 'design' and 'technologie'. With space that defies expectations and levels of comfort and finish that has to be experienced to be believed, Koleos sets the new standard in SUVs.

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Renault Electric Vehicles

Renault ZOE

Rediscover the pleasure of motoring every morning. A car that is clean on the outside and clean on the inside; one that you can communicate with remotely. No more queuing at petrol stations,  just plug in, saving time and effort.

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Renault Kangoo EV Van

The Kangoo EV is 'performant, 'intelligent' and 'versatile' ready to suit every trade. The Kangoo is Europe's bestselling electric van!

Lefthand drive model shown

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